Danielle Toronyi is a landscape architect and artist who is focused on how we collectively experience, change, and learn from ecological and biological systems.

Danielle’s body of work comprises data-driven multimedia installations, body-focused ritual, landscape architecture research, and environmental remediation projects. She investigates and analyzes the living world and creates methodologies for revealing the resiliency of natural systems. Danielle’s design projects inform her preparation for further research and scholarship in landscape architecture, political ecology, eco-feminism, and environmental humanities.

The use of data in Danielle’s work is critical due to her education in design and training as a landscape architect. She uses GIS data to understand a specific place and ecosystem. By layering spatial data (ecological and man-made systems) Danielle creates visualizations to use in her site analysis. Once the systems are analyzed she reveals the relationships between systems and transforms the data into a visual or audio installation.

In 2012 Danielle earned her Masters of Landscape Architecture from North Carolina State University’s College of Design. She received her BFA in Painting + Drawing from The University of the Arts in 2006. Danielle currently lives, works, and collaborates in Philadelphia.

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